Walking Under Moon

Four naked foots ,walking silently;

On the rough road, without seeing

The road.

An endless journey.

Destination is the road it self.

Full of uncertainty and sharp edges

Cutting the soft skins

To suck their blood.

They are moving 

One step … Then another…..

They are not tired 

But they are not so sure also.

In dark ,under moonlight

Their skins shining

The skins are dark blue

Frozen blood everywhere.

Squeezed vains and fractured bones

Slow ,painful journey

In  sluggish steps.

But they are still on the road

Walking  without any break.

Broken glasses on the road now

Small sharp white glasses,

Shining like blue pearls

They crossed  their  way


Silent night with high wind

Under the blue moon

They are walking

Just walking

One step…… Then another……


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